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Reaction Counter 3.0 – Instructions

Thank you very much for installing the Reaction Counter on your smartphone.

Let us explain, how you can use it as a training device to improve your reaction time. You can use the app best when attached to a sand bag or a standing bag like so:

Reaction Counter und Standing Bag

You can also use the Reaction Counter holding it in your hand to start the exercises.

The start screen

After starting the Reaction Counter you see the selection screen. Here you can choose between the two modes „Reaction mode“ and „Point mode“:

In the „Reaction mode“ you concentrate on improving your reaction time. What is your fastest reaction time? This mode is and will always be free of charge.

With the „Point mode“ you can enter a dynamic competition. Who will be the winner after the two minutes challenge on the virtual tatami?
You can try this mode once. If you like it, you can purchase it once and then use it forever.

Why do you need to pay for using the „Point mode“?

We, the app developers, want you to concentrate on your training without distractions. Therefore, we won’t show any advertisements in the Reaction Counter. We also believe that our app is of good value for your training and hope that you will support us with a small contribution. The „Reaction mode“ will stay free of charge forever.

One more thing:

At the top of the selection screen you find a blue button with the text „Your name?„. Here you can enter your name or nickname after clicking on this button. When you join one of our Reaction Counter online tournaments, your name and your reaction time will be shown in our „Tournament Control Base“ and you can become our RC tournament champion.


The „Reaction mode“

Startbildschirm Reaction modeOverview

After selecting the „Reaction mode“ you will see the „off“ button with your name above, if you entered it on the start screen, see above.

The upper row contains on the left the so-called „burger menu“ with three horizontal dashes and on the right side the „settings menu“ with three dots.

With the big, red button labeled with „off“ you can start and stop the „Reaction mode“. The small bar just below the button fills yellow when you are being warned. The three numbers at the bottom half of the screen show your last three hit times.

After pressing the small, round button with the envelope down in the right corner you can send us an email, when you are ready for joining one of our tournaments.

Start the training

You start the training by pressing the big button once. The button text will then change to „on“.

Hold still and wait for the „ready“ signal presented on the screen and by audio command.

Then wait for the „fight“ command to appear on screen with the button turning green. React as fast as possible by hitting the standing bag or shaking you phone. You are free to use any technique that comes to your mind.

If your reaction was fast enough, you will see your reaction time on screen in milliseconds and hear it announced in seconds. If you are too slow, you hear and read „no score“ instead.

Afterwards, you only need to wait a few seconds. The next round will begin with another „ready“ command.

In its default setting the app never stoops by itself. If you want to stop your training, you simply press the big button once more. In the bottom of the screen you can see your last three reaction times.

When you perform your technique too early, you will be warned. The grey bar shows, how often you have been warned. With your third warning you will be disqualified. In addition, each warning is punished with „9999“ as reaction time. During the online tournaments special rules may apply.

The Settings

By touching the three dots in the upper right corner you can open the Reaction mode’s settings dialog.

The following settings can be changed:

  1. The app can be set into „Tournament mode„. Then no settings below can be changed manually and for each parameter the tournament presents are used: „ready time“ is two seconds, „fight time“ is 5 seconds, neither „ready“ nor „fight“ will be announced. In addition, no „ready“ will be shown on the display and the app is set to repeat only once.
  2. With „Reset Reaction Counter“ all internal reaction times are deleted. Accordingly, the screen will show three times „9999“ in the bottom area again.
  3. The „Ready time“ is the average time between the „ready“ and „fight“ command. A random amount of milliseconds is always added to make it more challenging for you.
  4. The „Fight time“ is the number of seconds after the „fight“ command and before the „no score“ signal. Set this to a higher value when you use more difficult techniques, for example.
  5. Repetition“ indicates how often the app will automatically repeat the „ready“ command. The „0“ setting means endless mode.
  6. Turning the „Say ready?“ switch to „off“ (left position) the „ready“ command will still be shown on the screen, but you will not hear it anymore.
  7. Turning the „Say fight?“ switch to „off“ (left position) the „fight“ command will still be shown on the screen, but you will not hear it anymore.

The „Point mode“

When you start the „Point mode“ for the very first time, is is explained to you, that this training mode is not free of charge. However, you can try this mode once by pressing the button labeled „Try out“ in the bottom right corner.

Alternatively, you may buy the „Point mode“ directly by pressing the other button in the bottom left.

The start screen of the „point mode“ contains the following three parts:

  1. The slider at the top lets you choose your difficulty level. It is set to medium difficulty level 4 at startup. The higher the level, the more difficult the training.
  2. The virtual tatami with your points in the blue square and the computer opponent’s score in the red square.
  3. The timer for the total time of each round together with the start/stop button in the bottom of the screen.

In the upper part of the screen, the app’s messages are shown.

After you press the red „start“ button, your training begins. Observe the message „Please hold still..“ and wait for „ready“ and „fight“.

When you hear and see the „fight“ command, the crosshair starts to move randomly on the tatami. You can score a point, if perform a technique exactly at that moment when the crosshair is on top of one of the five, white pentagons with the number „1“, „2“ or „3“. If you miss, however, your opponent will get the points.

Attention: Inactivity will be punished!

When a round starts, the small bar at the top of the tatami will start to get smaller. As soon as it is gone, your computer opponent, red, will get one or two points at random. When you perform a technique before the bar is gone, it will reset and then start to shrink again.

There are two ways to win – or loose:

  1. You (or the computer opponent) manage(s) to get ten or more points ahead of the opponent. Then the message „TKO“ will be shown and a winner is determined.
  2. After two minutes when the round ends, the player with more points wins the round. A draw is also possible, if both players have the same number of points.

You can pause the training at any time or even cancel the fight. In the latter case, this round will be counted as lost.

To start a new round, perhaps on a different difficulty level, choose the level on top and press start again.

Have a good training and never give up!

Lalli & Christian